Mark, citizens and consumers’ fundamental rights

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the Mark Zuckerberg Manifesto published on Facebook earlier this week has resulted in countless comments, the most of which are critics and/or worried,  some actually doomsayers and/or snooty, few to tell the truth either positive or favorable.

The nearly 6.000 words of the Facebook CEO have attracted indeed my attention too, so I add my small little thought. Here are my two cents from a consumer representative point of view:

A full recognition of the consumer’s right to benefit from technological innovation in a safe and secure way is needed. Consumers trust is crucial and not only within the process of economic development. In the digital age the fundamental rights of citizens are indeed more and more expressed in the context of “private” virtual spaces that are accessed as consumers. For the first time, the protection and enforcement of consumer rights become the vehicle and guarantee of access to citizens fundamental rights.

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